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eNewsletter March 2015

The Eagles have Landed!

Songbird ReMix Birds of Prey IV: Eagles of the World

There are also freebies available for "Eagles of the World" owners in's download section

2015 Open Rendering Season Contest

Over $2,800 in Prizes -- Accepting entries until April 1st 2015

Real Birds: Get the Lead Out of Bird's Diets

The NRA and a California Assemblyman are trying to repeal the ban on lead ammunition and fishing tackle which went into effect last year.  This repeal effort will harm thousands of birds with the slow agonizing deaths from lead poisoning to save “sportsmen”a few pennies by using lead instead or zinc or other metals. See the Audubon Blog post or the Center for Biological Diversity's petition.

Lead Poisoning of Raptors from ammumition

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