July 2016

Summer Vacation with Lizards 

As most of you know, I'm vacationing from my usual bird-fare with several of my Nature's Wonder line projects. For years I've wanted an ordinary lizard for 3D use but could only find exotic ones like Chameleons and Iguanas.  So I finally decide to just do one myself.  

The base Lizard set includes the generic model, the Eastern and Western Fence Lizard species and 10 poses. Volume I (species/texture add-on), will be released alongside the base set and include the Side-blotched Lizard, the Western Skink, the European Green Lizard and the Gold Dust Day Gecko.  The two sets should be available very soon at Hivewire 3D (Lizard forum thread).

I'm expecting to release two more Lizard volumes in August which will include the Gila Monster and some Oceanic (Australian/New Zealand), African and Eurasian species.


I will be at Siggraph Convention in Anaheim, California Tuesday (1-3pm) and Wednesday (2-4pm) demoing at the Smith-Micro booth (#354).

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  • Real Birds: Congress Attacks Environment Before Leaving Town for the Summer

    Last week, the U.S. House and Senate considered key pieces of environmental legislation before a seven-week recess begins. The U.S House took up the spending bill that funds the Department of Interior and EPA, while the Senate voted to proceed to the next phase of a wide-ranging energy bill—and both contain many troubling provisions.

    The House Interior-EPA Appropriations bill contains dozens of anti-environmental provisions, known as riders, which would gut core environmental laws and rollback major conservation gains such as the new Greater Sage-Grouse management plans. Other provisions would block the historic Clean Power Plan and Clean Water Rule, delist the Lesser Prairie-Chicken and other species from the Endangered Species Act, prevent the creation of new National Monuments, and block the new land management plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Senate bill also contains numerous riders, and could be considered after the summer recess.

    Also last week, the Senate took a step to proceed to a conference committee for the energy bill. Both the Senate and House have passed their own versions of an energy bill, which aim to set a broad course for energy policy, and may now begin the process of combining those bills. These bills contain many problematic provisions, particularly in the House version, including harmful language related to the California drought that would override the Endangered Species Act.

    Broader drought legislation was taken up this week as well in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee. Congress may have additional opportunities after the recess to further address drought legislation, along with the spending and energy bills.

    State of Birds 2016 Reports One-Third of Bird Species in North America in Peril

    This report is based on the first-ever conservation vulnerability assessment for all 1,154 native bird species that occur in Canada, the continental United States, and Mexico. The assessment was compiled by a team of experts from all three countries. Of these 1,154 species, 432 qualified for the Watch List, indicating species of highest conservation concern based on high vulnerability scores across multiple factors. READ MORE-->

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