Emperor Ken's World: Art, Computers and Birds

  • STORE: A place to get my bird art on T-Shirts, Coffee Cups and Pillows, plus 3D Models for Poser, DAZ Studio, Bryce, Vue and other 3D art programs.
  • GALLERIES: Yes, I do do art, and there's a lot of it here-- from oil painting to  photography to digital art and animation. There's even some midi and MP3 music!
  • SONGBIRD REMIX & NATURE'S WONDERS:The homes of my digital bird and other flora and fauna models.  Includes free downloads, tutorials and tips.  My  bird encyclopedia has hundreds of species plates with lots of information (size, habitat, breeding habitats) of birds across the globe.
  • QUAIL HOLLOW: Our home; featuring avian photos and information, the environment concerns, Californian native plants and wildflowers and some cool wallpapers.
  • ABOUT KEN: Probably more than you want to know about Emperor Ken is here; resumes, biographies, the awards  and newspaper articles.
  • FUN STUFF: Includes everything else; some games, my story behind my TI-99/4a days, KBGB, my WOT Clan, some downloads and other stuff.

What's New


19Jul17- My two HW3D Horse items (Racing Tack & Wings) are out for Poser & DAZ Studio.  

I'll be speaking & demoing at Siggraph 2017 in Los Angeles August 1st 10:30am-12:30pm at the Smith-Micro Booth (#1023).

Quote of the Month

"We are told today that truth no longer matters. It does. We are told human decency is the concern of the weak. It isn’t. We are told civil liberties can be brushed aside when it is convenient to the wielders of power to so do. Such people should be stopped. They must be stopped.

And there is only the people to stop them."

- Roger Simon, columnist