Flora & Fauna

The native Californian garden at Quail Hollow has a relatively informal, wildlife-friendly look, with many winding paths and water features that attracts over 100 species of avian visitors year round, including over a hundred daily quail and such rarities as the Red-naped Sapsucker, Least Bell's Vireo and California Gnatcatcher. Squirrels, jack rabbits, coyote and even an occasional bobcat frequent the yard.

Bird Checklist

Here's a single page checklist of every bird that has been spotted on the Quail Hollow property.  Several rarities have been reported including the Least's Bell Vireo, the Red-naped Sapsucker and even a Ring-necked Pheasant.


Bird Photos

It's one thing to say you saw a rare bird and quite another to actually have proof. Here's every bird species photographed on the Quail Hollow property.


Flora Photos

Here's a photo gallery that showcases some of the California native plants in the Quail Hollow Gardens.


Fauna Photos

Here's photos of every non-avian creature we've seen; from Spiders and Butterflies to Lizards, Skunks and Bobcats.