Ken, earlier in his life was a musican and created music from classical to punk. Also in this gallery has work from his much more musically talented brother and sister.

Ken Gilliland - Midi Music

Midi music sequenced and arranged by Ken Gilliland (All in .mid format)

Midi music sequenced and performed on Midi Keyboard by Ken Gilliland (All in .mp3 format)

Kenny K-9

Kenny K-9 and the Targets (Bass Guitar: Sticky/Matt Pearson. Rhythm/Lead Guitar: Spark Plug/Mark Gilliland. Drummer: Art Deco/Art. Vocals: Kenny K-9/Ken Gilliland) (All in .mp3 format)

  • Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! (composer: Kenny K-9)  Content coming Soon
  • Something Else (composer: Eddie Cochran. Arr: Kenny K-9)  Content coming Soon
  • Blitzkrieg Bop/Chinese Rocks (composer: The Ramones)  Content coming Soon
  • Nothing Left at All (composer: The Buzzcocks)  Content coming Soon
  • Down to the Beach (composer: The Gears)  Content coming Soon     

Kenny K-9 and the Skinny Pigz (Bass Guitar: Buzz Anderson. Rhythm Guitar: Mark Gilliland. Lead Guitar: Adam ?, Bruce Nelson. Drummer unknown. Vocals: Kenny K-9/Ken Gilliland, Kristen Gilliland, Mark Gilliland, Greg Hardin

The Kristen Black Band

More of Kristen Black's music is available at Amazon, iTunes or at CDBaby (Debut Album, Postcards from Avalon and Can't Bring Me Down)

Mary Poppinz

Mary Poppinz (Bass Guitar: Myles Longg/Matt Pearson. Rhythm Guitar: Maxwell Von Dyke/Mark Gilliland. Lead Guitar: Bruce Nelson. Drummer: Kevin Fitzgerald and Art. Vocals: Howie Longg/Greg Hardin. Keyboards: Peter) (All in .mp3 format)