Grasshoppers hop into Summer

I'm back with a new 3D model,  a grasshopper/cricket/locust.  It should be available by the end of May and includes 3 species; the American Bird Grasshopper, the Meadow Grasshopper and the Migratory Locust.

Grasshoppers are a group of insects belonging to the suborder Caelifera. They are amongst what are possibly the most ancient living groups of chewing herbivorous insects, dating back to the early Triassic around 250 million years ago.

The Grasshopper family includes short and long horned grasshoppers, as well as locusts, katydids, and crickets. Grasshoppers have had a long relationship with humans. Swarms of locusts can have devastating effects and cause famine, having done so since Biblical times. Even in smaller numbers, the insects can be serious pests. They are used as food in countries such as Mexico and Indonesia. They feature in art, symbolism and literature. The study of grasshopper species is called acridology.

The Nature’s Wonders Grasshopper base model is designed to be a generic grasshopper that will shape via morphs to the correct species of grasshopper, cricket or locust. There are two versions of this set for native support in Poser and DAZ Studio. Materials have been tuned to support Iray, 3Delight, Superfly and Firefly renderers.

About Nature's Wonders

The Nature's Wonders product line houses my non-Songbird ReMix Flora and Fauna 3D models. These products range from natural environments to specific plant species as well as insects, amphibians, lizards, snakes and eventually mammals.

Nature Wonders Updates:

The majority of the Nature's Wonders series was updated at the start of January 2021 to mirror the folder system used in the updated Songbird ReMix series.

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