Dragonflies & Damselflies

My long awaited "Nature's Wonders Dragonflies & Damselflies" set is out. This base set includes 2 dragonfly species and 2 damselfly species. As with many of my other NW sets, there will be expansion volumes.  The two dragonflies featured are the Cardinal Meadowhawk (North America) and the m/f Keeled Skimmer (Europe). The damselflies include the Vivid Dancer (a type of bluet from North America) and the Orange-tailed Marsh Dart (from Asia). This set will sell for $14.95 and coemes with the 2 models, 4 species and over a dozen poses.

Create your own Empire of the Ants

The "Nature's Wonders Ants" set features the single ant model and supports the 12 major types of ant found throughout the world.  There are 30 settings for the model which in some subspecies, classes (worker/solider/queen) and color variations. The 12 ant types represented are Argentine, Army, Black Garden, Fire, Harvester, Honey Pot, Leaf Cutter, Red Stinging, Trap Jaw, Weaver, Wood and Yellow Meadow ants  This set is available for $14.95.

As a companion or standalone set, "Nature's Wonders Ant Lines" features groups of 9-13 of the single ant models. The 5 ant lines have had polygons selective reduced by about 50% to  retain the proper species look without a significant loss in resolution or quality. The 5 lines feature Argentine, Army, Leaf Cutter, Fire and Harvester ants, which Material options to add Black Garden and Red Stinging ants to your ant arsenal.  Each group has numorous morphs to alterate positioning of each ant in the line.  A prop ant hill is included. This set sells for $14.95.

My Ants House is a habitat for pet ants and comes in 4 different colors with a removeable top and feeding plugs. It is a "Sweet Deal" and sells  for only $4.95.  All three sets are bundled for additional savings.

About Nature's Wonders

The Nature's Wonders product line houses my non-Songbird ReMix Flora and Fauna 3D models. These products range from natural environments to specific plant species as well as insects, amphibians, lizards, snakes and eventually mammals.

The Next Nature's Wonder

I'm constantly bouncing between Songbird ReMix and Nature Wonders projects but here's part of my product wishlist:

  • Environments:
    • Duck Pond overhaul (Model revisions, plus 3delight, iray, firefly and superfly settings)
  • Flora:
    • Salvias (White Sage, Black Sage, Purple Sage)
    • Festucas and Sedges (bunch grasses)
  • Fauna:
    • Catepillars
    • Bats
    • Snakes