More Moths Flutters In

Moths of the World Volume 3 is out.  It, as with other previous volumes have proved, shows that moths aren't just gray tiny things that fly at night. This set includes one of the most spectacular moths in the world, the Madagascar Sunset Moth whose wings mimic a sunset . Also included are the Festivum Wasp-moth whose wasp-like appearance saves it from being eaten and the Faithful Beauty Moth, with it’s unusual blue coloring.

In addition, all the previously released Moth sets are updated and on sale. The Giant Moths(base set), Moths of the World v1 and Moths of the World v2 now have native DAZ Studio support with Iray and 3Delight materials and Poser support for Firefly and Superfly materials.

About Nature's Wonders

The Nature's Wonders product line houses my non-Songbird ReMix Flora and Fauna 3D models. These products range from natural environments to specific plant species as well as insects, amphibians, lizards, snakes and eventually mammals.

Currently, products such as my Duck Pond, Kiwi Burrow, Moth Species and several plant sets all fall into the Nature's Wonders line.

The Next Nature's Wonder

I'm back in bird-creation mode right now, so there's a gap in the next non-bird flora and fauna model but here's part of my projective product list:

  • Environments:
    • Duck Pond add-on (More and better plants props, plus more material settings)
  • Flora:
    • Salvias (White Sage, Black Sage, Purple Sage)
    • Festucas and Sedges (bunch grasses)
  • Fauna:
    • Catepillars
    • Damselflies & Dragonflies
    • Frogs