Welcome to the Condors, a clan within theWorld of Tanks online game.  The Condors are a group in which we have fun playing with other WoT friends, participate in practice, platoons, team battles and Clan Wars.  On the battlefield, our name is "CONDR". 

Requirements for New Recruits:

  •  Must have tier V+ to join (not including premium tanks). Tier VIII is required for Team Battles and Tier X is required for Clan Wars.

  • Must have a Kill/Death and Damage Ratio of at least 0.8 (over 1:1 ratio is preferred)

  • Must possess a level of maturity, be able to follow orders and have a positive outlook. (see Code of Conduct for more detail)

  • Headsets for battle communication.  We use Discord for communication. The program is free and there’s no spam or advertising for signing up. Interface can be used by a downable program or via the internet (www.discord.rr)

Code of Conduct:

We expect our clan members to represent our Clan in a positive light.  Please refrain from inappropriate comments, being a poor winner or loser, spamming, or other immature behavior in WoT chat.  We know some moronic game play simply needs to be commented on, but please think before you type...

"It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt” (Quote from Abraham Lincoln)

Repetive breaches in our code of Conduct will lead to be banned from the Clan.

Training & Practice:

Evening Practices- We are grouping into platoons and using the training room for Team battles (Condor Vs. Condor) to prepare for Skirmishes.

Practice makes a better tanker and our clan stronger.  We'll be training through the Training, Platooning and Team Battles to break bad habits and prepare us for Clan Wars.

Battle Schedule:

No battles scheduled

Clan Wars will be eventually set for Saturday afternoons/evenings. Clan Wars requires 15 Tier X tanks to play. Once our clan has at least 30 Tier X players, we will "Seek, Find and Feast" in Clan Wars. The reason for the "at least 30 players" threshold, is to ensure we have the required 15 online to play. If we manage to hold land in Clan Wars, we will need even more players as it's possible to be attacked multiple times within a game turn (day).

Condor Clan Resources:

  • Improving your Win Rate (rfgeek)
  • Resoucres