The Garden That Rhonda Built

Our California Native Plant Odyssey: 2003

Well, it's the summer of 2003 and we realize we are seriously overdue for an update on the progress of our California native plant garden.  Most of the plants have established well and we have enjoyed a low mortality rate overall.  It has evolved into somewhat of a "demonstration garden".   By that, I mean that we have opted for a variety of species rather than a specific aesthetic design.  We found ourselves drawn to seek out the rare and endangered species we could find that would also be likely to adapt to our setting.  Since we have also volunteered for the last two years in a row as "instructors" for "getting started with natives" classes at the Theodore Payne Foundation, it was very productive to be able to show people a wide variety of California native plants on the garden tours.  The "wildflowers" (meaning the annuals) were very robust in the spring of 2003.